A Hypothetical Scenario

Warning: This post discusses non-PC topics related to human biology, and some of the topics discussed in it have been attached as a Word document to protect readers.  This document has been scanned and guaranteed fry Internet Security.

Conventional wisdom states that every society throughout human history has been patriarchal, and that the social conservatism that serves as the basis for patriarchy is more likely to cause problems for the comman man and woman than radical feminism, which has historically been associated with elite groups.  It is still possible for radical feminist societies to exist, especially during times of disaster.  Karmin, Saag, Kivislid et al. describe a genetic bottleneck in the Y-chromosome which coincided with the rise of agriculture 10,000 years ago.  In other words, once humans started farming the land, social inequality became more pronounced, with a select few alpha males dominating the mating pool.

However, what is missing from their article is the role played by climate in bringing about this change.  The previous system of hunting and gathering was no longer sustainable due to the end of the last Glacial Maximum, with a warming climate leading to the extinction of a number of big game species which had thrived previously. Rare is the society that practices radical feminism for the sole purpose of pursuing pleasure; it is typically imposed by circumstance.

Now you may wonder why this blog condemns radical feminism in spite of the fact that those who practice it can be considered victims.  To understand this apparent contradiction, it helps to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  Most people who find themselves in a radical feminist scenario try to leave as soon as reasonably possible, thanks to the neolibertarian doctrine of a self-regulating universe.  In other words, your survival instinct is telling you that you are in danger and need to leave.  The first step to doing that is proper identification.  There are several indicators that will allow you to tell if a woman you know is a radical feminist:

  1. They feel insecure when you are interacting with other females, even when it is apparent from the context that this interaction is non-sexual in nature.
  2. They try to interfere with your work; modern society has still not progressed to the point where there is no stigma attached to a male partner who stays at home while the female partner goes to work.
  3. They try to use your children against you by blaming you for all the problems in the relationship and the household.  Although a traditional family structure is no longer the only way to lead a healthy fulfilling life, most young people eventually go on to lead this kind of lifestyle once they achieve socioeconomic stability.  Alternative lifestyles do exist, but they have issues with sustainability, as will be explained in the posts describing postmodern feminism.
  4. Last but not least, they threaten or resort to violence even when they are not facing any imminent threat of danger that requires the use of violence in self-defense.  This should only be done as an absolute last resort, and neolibertarianism can often prevent such a scenario from arising in the first place.

Although radical feminism has traditionally been viewed as a problem that only women can have, men who are not alpha males are also capable of engaging in behavior resembling radical feminism by becoming aloof from society and neglecting their responsibilities to their jobs and families.  The above listed behaviors could theoretically be practiced by men, but are far less common since most men do not possess the necessary alpha traits to back them up.  Even in the case of an alpha male, these behaviors typically aren’t condemned as radical feminism, because some of them may be sanctioned by traditional gender roles.


Time Magazine article about stay-at-home dads:  http://time.com/4836/5-myths-about-stay-at-home-dads/.  The fact that this article was written in the first place indicates that social expectations still favor men who behave according to traditional roles, although it does admit that trend is changing.  Due to its authorship following the Great Recession, it reflects a change in social attitudes brought about by a difficult economic climate.

“A recent bottleneck in Y-chromosome diversity coincides with a global change in culture.” Karmin, Saag, Kivislid et al.  Gemone Research April 2015, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp. 459-466.

Australian website describing Malicious Mother Syndrome:  http://www.parentalalienation.com.au/node/11.  It’s primarily for divorced couples, but the behaviors described therein are not exclusive to them.



4 thoughts on “A Hypothetical Scenario

  1. Contrary to the claims of Internet MRAs, military conscription is not a form of radical feminism; most societies require this as part of their views of traditional gender roles. See the post titled Life Under Conservative Feminism.


  2. Another exception to criteria #4 is the case of sexual role-playing, generally understood to be a voluntary activity by both parties. As is the case with #3 (a form of postmodern feminist lifestyle), this too suffers from sustainability issues.


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